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Groovy Girls Groovy Girls 16 Inch Bike

groovy girls groovy girls 16 inch bike

    groovy girls
  • Groovy Girls are a line of fashion dolls manufactured by the American toy company Manhattan Toy and launched in 1998. The brand consists of plush, 13-inch dolls, fashion and furniture accessories, as well as pets.

  • Manhattan Toys (2007)

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Spidey and Groovy Girls Kitty

Spidey and Groovy Girls Kitty

Spiderman, Spiderman
Does whatever a groovygirl can,
Sits in a chair, just his size.
Rests his feet, then he sighs,
Lookout (Groovy Girls) here comes the Spiderman!

I think he's going to be trying out more of their stuff.

Groovy Girl

Groovy Girl

I made this outfit for Groovy Girl. The fabric is called Pumpkins Gone Wild.

groovy girls groovy girls 16 inch bike

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