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Red Bike Tire

red bike tire

    bike tire
  • (Bike tires) A bicycle wheel is a wheel, most commonly a wire wheel, designed for bicycle. A pair is often called a wheelset, especially in the context of ready built "off the shelf" performance-oriented wheels.

  • (of a person's eyes) Bloodshot or having pink rims, esp. with tiredness or crying

  • red color or pigment; the chromatic color resembling the hue of blood

  • crimson: characterized by violence or bloodshed; "writes of crimson deeds and barbaric days"- Andrea Parke; "fann'd by Conquest's crimson wing"- Thomas Gray; "convulsed with red rage"- Hudson Strode

  • (of a person or their face or complexion) Flushed or rosy, esp. with embarrassment, anger, or a healthy glow

  • a tributary of the Mississippi River that flows eastward from Texas along the southern boundary of Oklahoma and through Louisiana

  • Of a color at the end of the spectrum next to orange and opposite violet, as of blood, fire, or rubies



I swear my mom keeps deleting my photos when she uploads her own. I had a better version of this, and I swear it's no longer on my computer. Also, there's something wrong with my bike tires, they won't keep air in them.

Red rear bike wheel

Red rear bike wheel

This wheel is resting flat on top of the rear fork. I thought it looked interesting, so I lit it up with a couple of red LED lights and shot from a tripod at ISO 100 f/1.8

red bike tire

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